Instructions for Fillable PDF

Instructions For Using The SIREMS Fillable PDF First Responder Report


This report can be completed directly from our website or you can download a copy of the fillable PDF so that you do not require internet access to complete a report.


To complete from website:



To download the fillable form:

  • This fillable report should only be downloaded onto department owned computers. No protected health information should ever be stored on personal computers!
  • Open this link to the report$FILE/EMR%20Report%20Form.pdf
  • Click the download button in the top right hand corner of the screen (Chrome or FireFox) or go to File, then Save As (Internet Explorer)
  • Save the report to your desktop, I would call it “Report Template” or something similar
  • When you are finished typing your report, print your official hard copy and make sure that all patient care providers sign the report.
  • You can also print a copy to PDF to save an electronic copy (printing to PDF, rather than save as, will ensure that no one can edit your report in the future).



*Please make sure you are submitting your department’s First Responder reports to the EMS Office on a monthly basis.


*If you have any problems/questions please contact the EMS Office. If you can’t get the report to download, please let us know and we can email you a copy.


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